The List

As part of my effort to make positive changes in my life I was advised to make a list of things I want to do or be.

Run a mile, no walking.
Foster a litter of kittens.
Complete a 30 day juice fast.
Learn to like cleaning.
Hike Half-Dome.
Find a church I like and become and official member.
Road trip to Roswell with my BFF Christy.
Pay off my student loan.
Loose 100lbs.
Go on an Mediterranean cruise.
Stay the night on the Queen Mary.
Volunteer consistently at an animal shelter.
Visit all 50 states - current count: 18.
Get a short story published.
Write a book.  Notice I didn't say a good book, cause it wasn't.
Get a book published.
Take my Granddad to Reno.
Have a good picture taken of myself.
Take my nephew on a movie date.
Make pasta from scratch.
Give up soda. Forever.
Take an advanced cooking class.
Find a new job/quit to write full time.
Visit Africa.
Spend the night in a castle in Europe.
Visit Cate in Australia.
Produce and host a podcast.
Sew a dress with no help from mom.
Plant an herb garden.  Keep it alive for more than one growing season.
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Take Buster on a walk everyday for a month.
Host a five-course meal dinner party.
Read 52 books in a year.
Attend a Mighty Event.
Meet bloggers in person. (Christine).
Give blood.
Pay off all credit card debt.
Go on a mission trip.
Start a church. It was fun while it lasted.
Move to a new city/town.
Try speed dating.
Pick up the tab for a stranger's meal.
Have my entire house clean at once - no stuffed closets or rooms kept closed.
Write a successful grant proposal.
Go vegan for a month.

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