Monday, March 31, 2014

My life in photos - at least the last few days.

I've been introduced to the world of Zentangles. It's the perfect form of fine art for a non-draw-er like me. Just fitting patterns into fun and sometimes intricate designs.

Washi Tape makes everything more fun! And I never said I was actually GOOD at it.

My swimming pool and backyard have become the new (hopefully temporary) home of a couple feathered friends. I call them Mr. & Mrs. Mallard. They might even be the same pair that visited me last year, but since I'm no ornithologist I'll just say they are. They woke me up Sunday with all their splashing around. It was pretty cute.

I went to my first Author Signing Event on Saturday. It was in San Francsico. It was pouring. We rode the Cable Cars anyway. I got soaked but I also go to meet the lovely Kahea of Girl Hearts Books. So you, know I pretty much had a wonderful time! Unfortunately I hadn't read most of the authors at the event but I'm glad I went.
Did I mention it was raining? Lovely.

Lastly, though no photographic evidence, oh wait screen shots will do (I love technology!) I've started getting up in the pre-dawn hours to work out. My workout partner and I had to make the switch as we were blowing off too many evening workouts in favor of Happy Hour... You don't know of any Happy Hours at 5 am do you? Only kidding, kind of. As of this morning I think I may be on the precipice of actually enjoying the exercise. Who am I?


Kahea said...
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Kahea P said...

Thanks so much for coming with me to the event, Tobie! It was so great to meet you in person and talk books/writing--we need to do it again soon (without the rainstorm, obv)!