Friday, May 11, 2012


In the days of yore, or you know, before I took up blogging. I was nothing more than a lowly office drone. I would sit at my desk for hours and hours, my brain rotting from lack of use and try and think up ways to keep the synapses firing. I tried Scrabble online, many word games, I even joined a few Yahoo! groups for fiction writers and spent hours trolling the message boards. It was human(vie the internet) contact that I desperately needed.

I had graduated college the year before and all of my friends were literally hours away. I wasn't really meeting new people that I actually liked. I was sad and lonely. One day I was fooling around on the computer and I came across a program that helped me design and write a newsletter. I called it Heads Up! a play on my last name and I actually produced three (maybe four) issues. I would write them, print them on some fun colored paper and MAIL them (US Postal Service Style) to the few select friends I knew would get a kick out of my own brand of silly and informative.

Guess what?

I;m doing it again. This time it is an email version. If you want to join the mailing list send me an email to tobie at lollygaggles dot com* with "Sign me up" in the subject line.

You won't be disappointed.

*I spelled it out that way to avoid spammers. Just type it like you would a regular email address.

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