Monday, May 21, 2012

Fighting back against the Monday Blues

Like almost everyone with a Monday - Friday job I've developed a serious case of the Mondays. Don't know what I'm talking about? Lucky you. It's that feeling that starts on Sunday night. The, "The weekend needs to be just a bit longer" feeling. The Monday morning hit the snooze button twice as long as usual feeling.

You know what? I think I'm over being pissed at Monday. I mean I still don't love it, but why be angry at something so unavoidable?

This is my plan. From here on out (or until I quit blogging) I'm going to dedicate Monday to being thankful for the blessings that occurred over the previous week. I'm thinking this will be just the reminder I need to keep in mind that good things are all around me all the time. I just have to stop being a moody-Judy long enough to appreciate them.

I'm going to aim for 10 blessings every Monday.

  1. Skype-ing with Em in New Zealand. She's been there for almost three weeks and I miss my friend terribly.
  2. Weather warm enough for swimming and friends willing to come over and enjoy my pool with me.
  3. Attending an old friend's baby shower and being reminded of how much I love and enjoy her (mental note - make plans to hang out more often).
  4. Discovering the Julia Child - The French Chef library on Amazon Prime (best $79 I ever spent).
  5. My nephew running up to hug me when I walk into the room. He's almost 2 1/2 and just slays me with his adorableness. 
  6. My brother giving me and delivering a sturdy planter-box he no longer wants. I can't wait to transplant my herbs!
  7. Being told I do amazing work and getting appreciated for something I love to do. Hopefully I will be able to post the video, of the script I wrote, here soon.
  8. Watching my dog jump into the pool after his ball. Something about flying doggies that just makes me happy. 
  9. Hours long phone conversations with my bestie. She just gets me, you know? 
  10. Discovering a new season of Tough Love OnDemand. One of the only reality shows I watch.
Phew, that was kind of tough!  I'm glad I did it. I already feel tons better about the new week.


Christine @ Park House Love said...

I think I need to start doing this myself...I get the WORST case of the Mondays on a weekly basis. Need to start being more positive at the start of the week! Thanks for inspiring me lady :)

Tobie said...

Thanks lady! I already can tell 10 is going to get hard, but I think I can do it!

Can't wait to add hanging out with you to the list ;).