Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who am I?

I have no idea right now.

Can I tell you how I've spent the last 36 hours or so?

Sunday night my best friend called and we had over an hour-long conversation. I don't remember most of what we talked about. But I do remember her asking me, several times, "what is wrong with you?" or saying "you're acting weird." That in itself isn't so unusual. I am weird. I can be my weirdest with my best friend. The strange part was that I too was feeling off, but had no idea why.

The next day, Monday, I got home from work and after an hour-long nap on the couch I had the sudden urge to go to Costco. I spent about $30 on an random assortment of fresh foodstuffs and then took another nap before deciding to skip the first BSF meeting of the new year to eat salad and watch TV. This is highly unusual in that I LOVE BSF. I love my group and the friends of mine that also attend. Plus we'd just had a three-week break for Christmas. I should have been there.

Then we have last night.




I got home form work. Antsy. Itching to go. To the indian casino over an hour away. In my head I would drive up there, eat at the buffet (I really wanted a buffet-type salad), win a couple hundred bucks and come home.

In reality it took me forever to get up there thanks to Sacramento commuter traffic I couldn't find the buffet at first and blew half my stash in about 10 minutes. I finally found the buffet, to the right of where I entered the building, so I ate dinner: a wilted lettuce salad, turkey dinner, and a few bites of assorted desserts before leaving to play the penny slots as I headed out the door.

The drive home was a lot quicker and I was in bed around 9:30.

Even this morning I can hardly believe what happened. I mean, I can be pretty impulsive but this was a definite first. I'm a little worried. I'm too poor for this to become a thing. I hope. Thanks to last night's escapade I have about $20 a week for the rest of the month.



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Indigo said...

Could be a case of cabin fever...Sometimes after the rush and europhia of the holidays people tend to be listless and feel disconnected for weeks afterward. (Hugs)Indigo