Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song

I read a book about a million years ago and fell in love with the author's voice and sense of humor. In the notes at the back of the book the author mentioned that she had a blog.

This was around 2004/2005 back before everyone and their cat had blogs, so I was all up in this. In fact after combing through her archives from her first post to her most recent I was hooked. I also had to have one of these blog things. Here it is. Warning: I was kinda nuts for the majority of the time I blogged so it may not be a very happy or orderly place.

So back to this blogger. Reading though her archives really made me feel like I knew her. She had a message board community I got involved in she used to have meet-ups for her readers to all get together and hang out. I missed the last one by a year or so.

This blogger got married a while after I began reading her blog and of course she blogged all about it. She shared with us a video from the wedding day where friends of hers, that were in a band, played a song they'd written just for her and her husband. The song kicked ass. I soon bought the entire album and her wedding song went straight into my most played list. I would listen to it and wish for my very own love story to begin.

A few years passed. I blogged a lot. Made some kick-ass internet friends. Even met a few in person. Learned to podcast. I got pretty busy with my own internet life. I didn't really notice that the person who'd inspired me to get it all started had gone quiet.

It ended up taking me a while to piece together what had happened. Her message group had been shut down long before due to the influx of spammers and too few administrators so I hadn't been able to corroborate with them to figure out what was going on.

Eventually she came back to her website and has been knocking me out of my chair with the funny every time she posts. It was obvious her marriage had not worked out. She started talking about dating again and there were Twitter Pics of a new guy in her life.

Now every time that wedding song comes up on my iPod I can't help but cringe. The song all about love and having finally found "The One" hadn't turned out like it was supposed to. That makes me sad. The song means nothing to me, anymore.

For the Indie Ink Writing Challenge this week, Ixy challenged me with "Music means nothing to me" and I challenged Michael with "No, this can't be happening. It's too early!".

P.S. I intentionally did not link to the blogger I mentioned. It just seemed a little too "invasion of privacy" seeing as she never came out and spoke of how it all went down.


Amanda said...

How interesting. I think that I would have started to hate the song, too.

Kelly Garriott Waite said...

I really enjoyed reading this. The gentle sarcasm; the recognition about how much time I spend on the computer and the wondering whether it would be best spent elsewhere.