Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Something has got to change.

I weighed myself over the weekend. For the first time in months. Guess what? I've managed to gain 22 pounds. In approximately 3 months. WTF?

After crying a little, thinking some pretty bad thoughts, and crying some more I went out and ate some crap food. Talk about vicious cycle.

I KNOW something has to change. I know what I need to do. Eat better and exercise. I can't even say exercise more because that would imply that I do any exercise at all. I hate it.

So I took my first step last night. I moved my treadmill into the house from the garage where it had been sitting for the last year. I positioned it right next to the TV in the living room so I will have plenty to entertain me.

Right now I'm watching Sick Fat & Nearly Dead on Netflix streaming. It is really amazing. I have a few friends and cousins who are juicing and I even have a juicer. What's stopping me?

Pure laziness.

So here I go. I'm kind of broke right now so it will have to wait to begin officially until the first of next month. In the meantime I can plan. I do so love to plan.

Wish me luck and send me your prayers.

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