Thursday, July 21, 2011

The green envelope





Green! Green! Green!

Kermit the frog.


Pine trees.

And now envelopes.

No return label, just my name and address beautifully written in flowing black letters across its kelly green expanse. Inside was another green envelope. This one a pale mint color. Miss Florence and Guest was written in the same lovely calligraphy. Another wedding. Between these and all the baby showers I'd been going to lately I was never going to be able to save enough money to go to Europe next year.

Gordon and Lydia Kyle
invite you to the marriage of their daughter
Melinda Sue
Henry Bradford Lange

I couldn't read past the groom's name.

Brad was getting married.

Not to me.


Thanks Dili for the inspiration as part of the II Writing Challenge.


Dili said...

Man getting one of those is not fun to put it VERY mildly :S

It's an awesome write. the buildup to a knockout punch. really excellent :) LOVE it.

K said...

Awwww... This was like a little poem of loss. :(