Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Cat's Life

Tell a story, with an animal as the main character.

This weeks II Challenge came from Seeking Elevation. It was fun to try and imagine what my cat thinks. My roommate spoils him outrageously.


"Not again," Oscar grumbled slitting open one eye as he heard the familiar call coming from the front of the house.

"Osc-y! Where are you boy?" a high pitched voice, that was getting closer, called out. "I have a treat for you!"

"Treat?" Oscar popped his head up. "Now we're talking." He stretched his long white legs, arching his back and baring his tummy.

"There you are!" A tall dark haired woman came in to the room and gathered him up in her arms. Nuzzling his belly. "Did you miss me?"

"Like a hairball," he muttered, to her ears it sounded like something nicer. His automatic purr kept anything he said from sounding too mean. He wouldn't want to stop the treat train.

"Do you want your treat?"

He made the face that melted her every time: ducked his head and shoved it into her palm while mewing piteously. He had no pride when it came to treats. Especially from this lady. She gave the good stuff.

She set him back down on her bed and pulled a crinkly plastic bag out of her purse. By now The Dog had heard the commotion and come to investigate.

"Back off, Buster," Oscar hissed. He hated sharing with The Dog.

"Shoo Buster," the woman said pushing The Dog out of the room. "You"ll get yours in a minute." She turned back to Oscar who was waiting patiently, his tail wrapped around his feet. She opened the bag and the delightful smell of dried turkey drifted down to him.

"Yes!" it was his favorite. He knew that putting up with all the petting and cuddles would pay off.

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Seeking Elevation said...

Ha! Sorry I'm just now getting around to reading this. I've been with spotty internet access lately and am backlogged! Thanks for a great response to an odd prompt!