Thursday, June 2, 2011

Drama! Suspense! Fiction!

"Lila, my dear,  I just don't think you understand the gravity of your situation," Geoffrey Matthews IV, drawled, peering over his Gucci sunglasses at his ward. He took a moment to study her as she stood at attention in front of him where he reclined on a chaise by the pool.

"I mean, really darling," he sighed. "I've made sure you wanted for nothing these last eight years and this is how you repay me?"

Lila stiffened at his tone, but managed to hold her tongue. She knew from experience that it did no good to point out that as her guardian it was her trust fund that kept him from doing any wanting.

"You will attend the benefit tonight. You will be all that is lovely and charming. You will convince Henry Dominic that he should donate to my campaign. You know it won't go well for your brother and sister if I am displeased..."

"I. Hate. You." Lila bit out still not looking at her uncle.

"Be that as it may, I'm the only family you have and until you come into your majority, I make all decision regarding those brats. Your brother is starting to become quite a handful isn't he? I'm sure a strict boarding school would do him wonders..."

"I'll do it," Lila said shortly. She would be 21 in a few months. Getting her uncle elected as Governor of California would keep him too busy to figure out a way to keep her family together until she could take over as legal guardian of her brother and sister.

"I knew I could count on you," Geoffrey smiled leaning back against the lounge and flicking a hand in dismissal. "I've invested far too much time to fail at this juncture. You make sure the younger Dominic develops and interest in you and his father's money and influence will be mine."

As Lila escaped to the children's wing of the mansion she kept repeating in her head: 85 days. Just 85 more days and we'll be free.

The above was a work of fiction inspired by this week's Indie Ink Challenge issued to me by Alyssa. Go check her out and tell her she's awesome!

My prompt was: a good investment.

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alyssa said...

oooh interesting! kinda creepy and fun. i like!