Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meanwhile in an alternate universe...

I'm back on the horse after diving off it headfirst a few weeks ago. My Indie Ink challenge this week comes from Jules at Mean Girl Garage. Thanks for the opportunity to venture into Fantasyland. It was fun.

"It should be."

If my life were to follow the conventional plot lines of an ABC family movie this is what it would look like:

Naive farm-girl goes to college at the beach. She charms all she meets with her down-home wisdom and innate sweetness. Over the next few years she works hard, earns the respect of her professors and peers and finds she has a knack for writing. She gets a few short stories published and works on writing a novel while developing her instincts and prose as she studies journalism in the hopes of writing for a large newspaper or magazine.

Along with all of the hard work and learning she manages to find time to meet "The One" and they develop a healthy relationship that perfectly balances time for schoolwork, friends and each other. She graduates with honors getting a B.A. Journalism with a minor in creative writing as well as the coveted (by some) Mrs. degree.

She was headhunted months before graduation and gets time to explore Europe with her fiancee before they both move to San Francisco to begin their fabulous post-college lives. The dot-bomb doesn't affect them and within 5 years of their wedding she's pregnant with twins and working from home having sold two movie scripts and her first novel.

And in this perfect world, they lived happily...ever...after. 

While we're there in the perfect world she wins a Nobel prize for literature and a MegaMillions jackpot of over $300 million dollars which she uses to rescue animals all over the world. Shut-up! It's my fantasy!


Anonymous said...

In my high school memory book, I wrote that I was going to have six kids, including a set of triplets. In addition to becoming a famous writer, of course.

Dafeenah said...

You forgot about world peace. I loved this. It was fun and light and wonderfully written.

supermaren said...

You know, if this were really an ABC family movie, there would be some sort of serious-but-not-life-threatening issue you would have to deal with while also learning some sort of life lesson.

But I love this fantasy. The Nobel prize might still be in your future; you never know.

Jason Hughes said...

Fantasies rock! Hope you get that Nobel!