Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's post brought to you by the color Blue.

I had no clue where to go with my prompt for this week's Indie Ink Writing Challenge  from Trish: Blue.  I have nothing against the color, it's not my current favorite (gray) nor do I hate it (chartreuse). I just didn't know what to write about it. I've decided to take the easy way out and create a meme. Cause I'm stumped/lazy/coming up on the deadline.

When I type the word "blue" into the search bar on my iTunes library I am left with 208 songs. That's kind of  a lot so how about we divide that number by my favoite number, 12 = 17.333. OK 17. That's still too many. Let's just do 12. Mmm 'kay?

  1. Blue Ridge Mountains - Fleet Foxes - I'd like to see the Blue Ridge Mountains. They're in Virginia right? Part of the Appalachians? 
  2. I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe - OKGO - from their Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky - Right now I really want peace of mind. My poor cat is having health issues and the bills are getting kind of high. I just want him to be OK. 
  3. Blue Trail of Sorrow - Alison Krauss & Union Station - For some reason this makes me think of  Native Americans on their way to reservations back in the 1800's.
  4. Ocean Size Love - Leigh Nash - Blue on Blue album - A few years ago I was "in love" with this guy. He saw me as nothing more than a friend/doormat. This was one of the songs I used to listen to on repeat just imagining that someday he would realize how much he loved me and finally, finally love me back. Yeah. Never happened. Moving on.
  5. Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash - I grew up (an still live) about an hour away from Folsom. As a kid my parents sometimes took our ski-boat to Folsom lake to water ski. I was always terrified that the boat was going to cap-size and insisted on laying on the floor of the boat so that if the boat did flip over I'd be able to swim out from under it. Don't ask. I was (still am) kind of a fraidy-cat with far too active an imagination.
  6. Milk Cow Blues - Tyler Hilton - This is from the Walk the Line soundtrack. Tyler Hilton played Elvis Presley, my childhood crush. Yes, I knew he was dead. He died a few months before I was born. I've always secretly wondered if I was Elvis reincarnated? But I would have to believe in reincarnation.... Maybe I just like to sing.
  7. Just Blue - The Weepies - How I've been feeling lately. There seems to be this gray cloud hanging over me the last few weeks. Like I'm waiting for something bad to happen. I can't seem to shake it.
  8. Seven Year Blues - Charlie Haden With Family & Friends - I just love Terry Gross. I wish I knew about her when I was growing up cause I think I would have loved to have a job like hers had I known it existed. This was one of the first interviews I remember hearing when I started listening to different NPR podcasts. If you like Bluegrass and cool old men. Give it a listen. 
  9. One Blue Sky - Sugarland - We get a lot of blue skies here in California's Central Valley. I appreciate them as they help bring the temperature of my pool to swimming levels sooner than cloudy days. Which is why I don't swim in Winter.
  10. Never Saw Blue - Hayley Westenra - When my nephew was born last year, I swore his eyes were going to be blue. I swore that they were a lighter and brighter blue than most newborns so he was sure to have blue eyes. He eventually decided to prove me wrong by developing light brown/hazel eyes. But I still love him to bits and pieces.
  11. Liquor Store Blues (feat. Damian Marley) - Bruno Mars - I don't really drink. I can't see the point in wasting the money on something that doesn't taste good. In college I was far more willing to waste a lot, A LOT of money. As soon as I had to start paying my own way, drinking seemed to loose it's appeal.
  12. She's Trying - Dance Hall Crashers - Blue Plate Special album - Now that I've gotten more into swing danging (East Coast) I really wish we still had places like dance halls. I really should have been born about 50 years earlier.

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Marian said...

what the heck, i've only heard of a couple of those. huh! thanks for sharing!