Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Step into my way-back machine.

Last night as I was pulling the garbage can into my garage* I noticed a box of stuff my mother had sent home with me months ago. Of course as soon as I got the box home I dropped it on the on the floor of the garage and thought nothing more of it until yesterday. Peeking out of the box was my 8th grade graduation dress. A navy blue with pale pink flowered concoction that in 1992 I thought was the BOMB DIGGITY!**

It was a short off the shoulder number with a fluffy pink tulle underskirt and I loved it. Looking back my friends and I prepared for our middle school graduation as if we were going to the prom; fancy dresses, hair appointments and tons of make-up involved. I don't think I have a single picture from that night. But I remember having one. It was a polaroid, taken of me as I walked into the local Lion's Club hall for the graduation after party. I can see this picture in my mind with complete clarity. I was beautiful.

I can say that with out a shred of embarrassment now, but at the time all I knew was the teasing, these days it would be classified as bullying. Two boys stand out as my main tormentors. "Tobie has cooties!" or thanks to an unfortunate pair of green denim pants I wore in the 5th grade "Tobie the Jolly Green Giant!" It was the very first one "Tobie-wan-kenobie" that I was tagged with in the second grade that still prevents me from truly enjoying the first Star Wars movie.

But that is not what I want to talk about! No! I'm just wondering what happened to that picture... I had it in a frame for the longest time but somewhere over the many years I've lost track of it. Here is where you all come in. Send me your prayers/good vibes that I will find this picture! If I do I'll post it here in the internet!

*I keep my garbage can in the garage so that if it is late at night and the kitchen garbage can begins to stink I can take it out with out having to venture into the dark spider-filled alcove that houses my other 3 trash bins. Also, I can do it nekkid if I feel like it!
**Seriously go back and watch some of the early episodes of 90210, my dress would fit right in.

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Catherine said...

HOW many trash bins?

I realise that I am sort of missing your point here, but what, exactly, are cooties supposed to be? I hear it all the time on US TV but it means nothing here. I think of lice. Were they saying you had lice? What wise and observant children.

Although, I think you should TOTALLY own Tobie-Wan-Kenobie. As awful as it clearly is they were name calling you, that is a fairly awesome name in the age of avatars.