Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I* became a vegetarian.

My number one reason for turning towards a plant-based diet is my health. I'm kinda fat. I'll say it. I know that vegetarians can be fat too (but let's save that for another post). But I figure if I start getting a handle on the biggest danger foods full of fat and cholesterol it will be a downhill jaunt to ultimately cutting out all things artificial and processed. Pretty much anything rumored to cause cancer. I know, that could rule out breathing eventually, but I'll take my chances for now.
Notice in the Skinny-Tobie picture I have collar bones. I really look forward to the day I have them again. Oh and I see vegan me as having crazy long, curly hair. Cause that's what happens you know; turn Vegan and your hair will get curly**.

Whenever I even think of cheating, which I can thankfully say hasn't happened yet, I just think about my pets. I can't imagine serving up a hot dish of puppy for dinner***. What make them any different than a cow or chicken? I raised animals growing up. Animals have brains, they can express affection, enjoy pleasure****, solve problems... Why would you eat another living creature if you didn't absolutely have to?
Vegetarianism is good for the planet. Less people eating meat means fewer cows need to be raised for slaughter, which in turn means less water being used in the meat production plants, less corn being used to fatten up the cattle, less corn having to be produced, less fossil fuels used in farm equipment, less topsoil erosion from frequent working of the soil... you get the idea.

* Not trying to preach or convert, just want to share why I've made this decision.
**This is obviously not a certified fact, just my own hopeful delusion.
***Even typing out that sentence made me a little but queasy.
****Try feeding a horse some watermelon and see how he or she reacts. It's awesome!

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